Helma Lutz

My academic work as a sociologist began in September 1985 at the University of Amsterdam, where I completed my PhD in 1990 with a comparative study of the situation of Turkish female social workers in the Netherlands and Germany. Since then, I have worked at various universities and research institutions (Utrecht University and the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Studies, the German universities of Münster, Hildesheim and Frankfurt /Main, the Swedish University of Linköping and the Woodrow Wilsons Center in Washington DC) from a racism-critical feminist and intersectional perspective on the following topics: Biography, Migration, Gender, Class, Ethnicity, Citizenship, Difference, Culture, and Care. Topics of my teaching include: Intersectionality, care migration, anti-racism, masculinity, difference, qualitative methods such as interview techniques, biographical and discourse analysis, and transnational and postcolonial/post-socialist identities. I taught at Goethe University Frankfurt as a professor of women’s and gender studies from October 2007 to November 2021. In my current research and lecturing activities, I continue this work.

Helma Lutz im Profil
Photo by Ann Phoenix

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